Granite? On your child's wooden Kitchen playset?

Jan 27 , 2019


Ross Pietersen

Granite? On your child's wooden Kitchen playset?

Custom kitchens are some of my favourite challenges because I get to create something new but they each come with their own set of challenges. More often than not, the customisation is a colour change here or there or changing the configuration of a kitchen.

In November 2018, Narusta De Klerk, a mom from Craddock in the Eastern Cape called me and asked me to make a kitchen that had the design of our Candy Floss kitchen but with a serious twist, something I had never done before. She wanted me to make a kitchen to match her kitchen in her house...

At first, I was super hesitant but decided the challenge could be quite fun, so I accepted. Once I put the phone down, the realisation of what I had done sunk in. "Ross, you just accepted your biggest challenge at the busiest time of the year, you chop". I had said yes already so there was no pulling out.

I had asked for some photo's of her kitchen and she sent them through to me. Once I received them and had a look, she also asked me to match up the countertops to look like the granite. Now the challenge was laid out.

The picture I got from to match up

So I got to work sorting the wood out and racking my brain, trying to think how I was going to pull this granite look off. It certainly wasn't made any easier because of the time of year but I had committed, so I needed to get it done.

I managed to get all the wood sorted, all the paintwork was done and all the accessories were ready. It was truly a miracle that I managed to get it done. It was our last week of production in December and I Narusta called me early in the morning, asking if it was at all possible to get it ready and shipped by the afternoon as then it would arrive before she went on holiday. She was dying to see it before they went away.

What she didn't know was that the kitchen was lying on my workshop floor in pieces still. Again, I said "sure, I'll get it in the courier van by the end of the day.

It was a mad, frantic day building a custom unit in one day. Once it was done, we packed it and the courier arrived and loaded it up. I let the client know it was on the way.

When we send our kitchen sets off to clients, the handles and the washing machine doors are not attached because they will get damaged in transit. That means we don't get to see the unit 100% complete. For custom kitchens, that's quite sad for us as we don't get to see them complete.

Sometime after the Christmas insanity had passed, I contacted Narusta to see if she could send a picture of the complete kitchen, in her kitchen. She noted how happy she was and obliged.

Here you can see her matching wood look kitchen playset in her kitchen.

 And here is the final finished product.

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